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Specialising in ‘bespoke suits’ and custom made to measure garments for men and women. We don’t do just ordinary craftsmanship - we embrace traditional ways of bespoke culture and combine it with technology and innovation. Everybody should have an exquisite tailormade suit for him in his closet and ladies deserve that too! Our unique collections represent and nourish your dynamic contemporary lifestyle. We have been producing quality and custom-made suits made to the highest standards for many years. With a vast range of fabrics to choose from and excellent quality material, every piece our tailors make is truly exceptional.



Bespoke Suits’ team of highly qualified tailors and designers have a combined ‘50+ years’ of experience on Savile Row & Luxury Fashion houses. As a collective the ‘ Bespoke Suits’ team have been designing and producing timeless bespoke suiting with our clients for over half a decade and are known as some of the best-dressed men and women in the land. Our designer has worked with Tom Ford - Kiton & Brioni and our head cutter has won a Golden Shears award on Savile Row. Offering you the unique prowess of the Haute Couture fashion houses combined with the virtuosity in timeless Savile Row sartorial tailoring .

This expertise and experience offer our Bespoke Suits customers the best of both worlds and reflects in the endless possibilities in the commission of your dream garment. We know there is high competition within bespoke cutting and tailoring in London but that is why we pride ourselves on a modern technique, competitive prices and very personal attention to our customers that makes us stand out. Whether it is a stylish shirt, leather jacket, high-end accessories & footwear, or a handcrafted suit we know you will be very pleased with what we produce and satisfied with the individual approach we offer.



Searching for tailor made suits in London? then you have come at the right place. Our tailors in this industry are highly committed to meet the exact fit and style of each customer. We ensure to provide 100% satisfaction to our esteemed clients. Bespoke Suits offer you the benefit of their many years of experience in tailoring to produce an excellent garment for you. We pride ourselves on our relationship with our clients which results in many return visits. You may find yourself spoilt for choice when you are looking for a tailor near you, but at Bespoke Suits, we truly believe that we offer you a standout service. We produce the best hand-crafted garments and suits as well as suits to fit any occasion and to fit you, perfectly. Add our high-end accessories and you have a complete and customised service, just for you. Like our service, our clothes and materials are the best, so they always offer everything that is needed for your unique tailoring experience.



In timeless tailoring it is never the case of “one size fits all”, everybody has his own particular style. We combine design, comfort, and the perfect fit to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their purchase. Everyone is looking to reflect his individual style against the background of traditional elegance and luxury with elite latest garments. Lucky for all our clients, that is exactly what we offer. With this in mind, our tailors use their years of experience to personalise and custom-make suits that reflect each individual gentleman's unique personality and spirit. Browse our range of shirts suits and accessories and soon you will see what we mean!

Whether you are looking for a suit for an important business meeting, or a uniquely tailored shirt to compliment your wedding suit, then Bespoke Suits is here for you! We offer passion, craftsmanship and peerless customer service at very competitive prices.

The Process:Analysis, Measurement, and the fit


At your first consultation, with our dedicated tailoring consultants, you will discuss your wishes, designs you enjoy, and pieces that are already in your wardrobe so that proper analysis of your style and needs can be made towards your future. The cost for this extremely valuable consultation is £150 and it will be refunded when you place your order.

We are also happy to take an order for a shirt, suit, or smart casual wear items.

Cloth choices
Cloth choices

Once we have established your style and we know your wishes for the item of clothing you want, we will review the choices available concentrating on the specific fabrics that are needed. From heavyweight, classic tweed to an elegant and fine cashmere blend, our tailors will help you make exactly the right choice for your garment. When you have decided on the suit you would like us to make for you, we can create matching shirts, ties or even offer you a package option.


This is where the skill of our finest tailors really comes into its own as they take precision measurements that will be used to craft a beautiful and one and only piece of clothing for you. Our tailors will concentrate on shoulder height, on the position you hold your head and all the elements of your physique so all measurements will be taken correctly, along with photographs, so your garment will fit like a glove.

The Fit
The Fit

The perfect fit is an art and our experienced tailors are very well-versed in it.

Six to eight weeks after your measurements have been taken (unless classified as an urgent order), you will be ready to come to your first fitting. The first fitting is always an exciting part of bespoke tailoring as it makes sure the garment fits perfectly to your height and shape. For your suit to be flawless, it is crucial to identify if any alternations or changes are necessary to be made. The delivery of the finished garment takes place after two or three fitting trials.

Your perfect Bespoke Suit

Stuck inspiration? Why not ask one of our tailors for advice?

Our craftsmanship can be brought directly to your office or your home or wherever you find it most convenient. With over 5000 fabrics and lining's, there are hundreds of styling options for you to choose from. If you book one of our tailors to visit you, he will bring with him samples of fabric and guide you through the selection. First, however, measurements will be taken and discussion held about the style and fabric options. After measurements have been taken and the fabric and style decided upon, a pattern will be made and your suit will be underway for customisation. All our suits are made by hand using style and inspiration of traditional bespoken look, and if it's more convenient when your suit is ready, we can arrange to fit it at the venue of your choice. Any minor alterations can be identified at this time.

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When you are choosing a once-in-a-lifetime suit for your wedding, we believe that nothing but is good enough. Whether you decide to wear an evening tux, something more casual or the full classic three-piece suit, one of our proficient tailors will work tirelessly to ensure that you have a beautifully tailored and elegant suit that is tailored to you. Perhaps you would like a matching shirt that is hand-finished with an embroidered collar too? All this and more is offered by our tailors to provide you with the perfect finishing touch.

We all know that ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression’. That’s why you should make sure, you have the right suit either for your business meeting or a seminar. Our made to measure suit will make you look dignified, stylish and powerful. All your colleagues and business partners will surely wonder whether they could look as elegant and fashionable as you do!

Whether you consider yourself as a classy gentleman who seeks a modern and trendy tailored jacket, or a country fellow for whom comfort and perfect fit is the only way, we will have something special in our bespoke range that will collect admiring glances wherever you go.

Tailored suits for all occasions
London bespoke suit makers


All our tailor made suits are inspired by Bond Villains, Cosa Nostra & Oldschool Traditions representing an authentic reality, a true story made of passion. The Bespoke Suits express in all their strength, the masterful ability of our tailors combined with layers of the character of its designer to give the client confidence, allure & serenity. Our tailors have built up their skills over many years of tailoring the highest quality menswear & womenswear and will expertly work, to create a garment that not only fits perfectly but also reflects your very own personality. For information on our suit tailoring service in London, or to make your appointment, call us now.

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The cost of our bespoke tailored suits depends to a large extent on the cloth you choose. Our pricing is not style-related; it is set to cover the cost of the cloth chosen and the tailoring process. Some prices are based on the lower price range of cloth and some end higher.

For a specific quote, book your initial consultation, and look at our wide range of cloth guided by one of our consultant tailors. Bespoke Suits offer fully bespoke and made-to-measure both of which we provide for women and men. Find full price list here


The first basted fitting within 3 weeks, for made to measure it will usually take 4 to 6 weeks after the initial measurements have been taken for the first fitting to take place. The delivery of your finished garment will usually be 2 to 3 weeks after that.
You will need 2 to 3 fittings. The first fitting will include taking measurements, selecting the cloth as well as styling and detailing of the garment. The final fitting takes place when the suit is finished.
All alterations are included until deemed perfect
Yes, go through the women's section for more information or contact us for further details.
Firstly, you will have to book your consultation with our customised tailoring consultants who will discuss what you are looking for. There will be a consultation fee that will be refunded when you place your order.
  • Book your initial consultation
  • Select your cloth
  • Take measurements
  • Enjoy the perfectly fitted garment
You can come to our premises for your fitting. In some circumstances our craftsman might be able to accommodate your fitting in your home or office, please make an inquiry about it.
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