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There is an art to looking your absolute best in a suit, and that is achieved by finding the perfect balance of measured shoulders, the perfectly tailored waist, the correct length of sleeve and precise finishing of seams etc. A bespoke suit will always fit the wearer perfectly and it is the precision and the art of the tailoring that will add the final finishing touch. But the suit is just the beginning. What we want to talk about today are accessories.

When you buy accessories from us you are buying the same quality and attention to detail as we lavish on our bespoke garments with every bit of the flair and expertise that you know to expect from us. A lot of thought has gone into our designs to match them to the lifestyle that we know you like to live. Take for example, the addition of an exquisite set of luxury cufflinks to a perfectly tailored shirt or a tuxedo finished off with an elegant bow tie. Even a pair of sunglasses that are the last word in chic for a beach cocktail party. Whatever the occasion, you can call us at Bespoke Suits London to have the perfect accessory to finish off your look.

Choosing the right accessory to go with your suit or other outfit can reflect your personality and add a touch of flair to everyday office suits. This elegance does not have to be expensive, however, because a well-chosen accessory can elevate an outfit without breaking the bank.

when you are planning for your wedding day it is easy to feel that a tuxedo or a suit are the only choices available for a groom. However there are many ways that we can show you that will not only reflect your personality but show creativity when you use them with your wedding outfit. Not for you the generic look of the groom! When you work with us, you and your bride will truly look unique and unforgettable.

Handkerchiefs, or pocket squares as they are more commonly known these days, are a really easy way of enhancing the look of a suit or a blazer. In a range of materials like satin and silk we have shades and prints that we can match precisely to the jacket or to the dress of your partner for a really synchronised look, at your engagement or wedding. Worn in the pocket at the top left-hand side of a jacket, a well-chosen pocket square will add elegance and style to your outfit.

Cufflinks: wearing cufflinks is the true mark of a gentleman. Fixed onto the cuffs of your shirt in the place of buttons they will instantly draw attention and will also offer you the chance to put your own stamp on the outfit or show your own style with the type of cuff link you choose. We have a wide range including diamond studded cufflinks.

Lapel-pins: Lapel pins have become very popular, of late and are making quite a splash in the world of fashion. They could be considered brooches for men that are worn in the left lapel of a jacket and once again give you the chance to reflect your unique style and elegance. Why not try a monogrammed lapel pin?

Last, but definitely not least, we have to think about shoes. We are very proud of the fact that we can offer our customers the chance to create their own unique footwear and start by choosing the material, perhaps patent leather, or suede, as well as the lining and the style of the shoe. This applies to shoes across the range from brogues to loafers and Chelsea boots. We have a wide range of styles to offer which can be made to measure. As well as this we can offer our customers two ready to wear shoe styles.

Whatever the occasion and whatever your style, you will find everything you need with Bespoke Suits London.

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