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Bespoke Suits Occasions - Sport Events

Looking forward to a high-profile sporting event can often be naturally about the anticipation of dressing for the occasion? give us a call at Bespoke Suits London, where our handmade suit is going to guarantee that you stand out from the crowd.

Summer is the time that we enjoy dressing for all those outdoor events – garden parties, Ascot, International golf, and other seasonal events. Who would not love the chance to attend a polo match or take our place in a box at Lords for the cricket and show the original bespoke garment? It is the perfect time for you to show your flare and personality.

A long time favourite

Sports jackets have always been our favourite. A stylish gentleman needs a bespoke jacket for his outdoor pursuits such as shooting parties or boating on the rivers and seas of the UK. Over the years these blazers have been less the preserve of the sports event and have become a staple of the wardrobe to be worn at smart-casual occasions. A sports jacket differs from a suit jacket because, typically, it is worn in different patterns and colours and is less structured than a suit jacket. And of course, it will not have a matching pair of trousers. The sports jacket is perfect for a less formal occasion looking really good when it is worn with a pair of jeans or some chinos. Investing in a quality sports jacket may be one of the best investments you can make, because styling is more relaxed and a sports jacket is the best choice for a look that makes a real statement.

Dressing up

Wear an elegant tailored shirt under your sports jacket along with some darker blue jeans and most social occasions will be covered.

In the past, an English gentleman would never venture out without a elegant jacket and a tie as it is a very functional garment. With its pockets sewn at a slant as well as a back vent it will make it very manoeuvrable, maybe mounting horses for instance. Besides, at that time, sporting competitors, from rowing and cricket clubs would wear a single-breasted blazer in their club colours. The sports blazer was not only the preserve of the sportsmen because in 1837, double-breasted blue blazers were worn for the first time by the crew of was a British navy ship for a visit from the Queen.

The sports jackets has not lost its popularity over the years and just like a handmade suit, a bespoke made sports jacket can be individualised to your personal taste. At Bespoke Suits we will be delighted to help you create your own statement with a sports blazer which truly makes you stand out from the crowd.

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