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Custom made suits from Bespoke Suits

Customizing garments is very exciting – there are so many options on how you can customize your suit – it really is entirely up to you!

Whatever you need your suit for, the important lecture tour, a busy social season, or your wedding, you will always do best with a suit that has been customised for you. There is no doubt that off the peg suits have come a long way but it can be difficult to make a high street suit fit just right. The sleeves might be too short while the trouser legs are too long. Really the only way to ensure great tailoring that fits you like a glove is a bespoke suit. There really is no substitution for made-to-measure tailoring.

The first step is to book an appointment with us. It’s easy and fast and we will be happy to meet you and discuss what you want over a cup of tea or coffee . The appointment will be a relaxed but crucial discussion with the tailor so that he fully understands what you are looking for. He will get to know your taste, style and ask you about where you want to wear the suit and what the occasion is.

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Choosing fabrics and designs

We have professionally experienced suit makers, who can helps us to understand what fabric and colour will suit you and how to highlight your features , when you are trying to choose material for your suit. We can show you how to make subtle but distinct improvements to your appearance by choosing the right fabric and style combination. Choose from the many fabrics and colours we have on offer. The decision about the fabric you want to use for your garment is a very important one. Our suit fabrics include, Tweed, Corduroy, Velvet, Merino Wool, Cotton, to name but a few.

Your measurements

Having a garment made-to-measure or custom-made requires the tailor to take your measurements so that the garment can be made to fit only to you. The measurements typically include shoulder-width, chest, and bicep circumference, back and arm length, your waist and hip circumference, as well as inside and outside leg measurements and the circumference of your thigh

Great Design Features

There are many customizable design features that can be perfected with a made-to-measure suit or garment. These will include the number of buttons that goes on the jacket, the style of pockets, any trouser pleating, the style and buttons on the cuffs, the jacket vent, the jacket linings, the style of collar, contrasting thread usage, the style of trouser waistband and much more!

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