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How we started

Bespoke suits have been providing tailoring for ladies and gentlemen for over 10 years in London. Our tailors have been crafting the finest garments for business executives, artists, professional athletes, and industry leaders for more than a decade, providing them with the unique style and bespoke elegance We have watched the world of fashion change over the years but one thing that has never changed is our dedication to our customers and the excellent customer service we provide you with.


Being a great tailor is a mixture of a discipline as it combines craftsmanship with service and an appreciation of style. We have provided suits for the elite for many years and the love and commitment we have in our work could be compared with tailoring companies who have been going for hundreds of years. We deal with every type of item from double breasted suits to flares and every single style you can imagine, while our seamstresses and tailors never miss a stitch.


We attribute the excellent work we do to the men and women who work for us. They translate your dreams into reality with every chalking of a cloth, cut of the tailor‘s scissors and stitching of a seam. We take a great pride in the relationships we build with you clients that allows us to produce only the best and most exclusive garments.

Our tailors and in fact all about team are people’s people and take great pleasure in producing garments for the interesting lives you lead and the wonderful events you attend.

We know that it takes more than a pair of scissors, a piece of chalk and a sewing machine to make the perfect suit and the belief and commitment we started with all those years ago, still holds true today. To us, you are kings and queens and we're more than happy to keep providing our service to those discerning clients who come to us to be fitted for the finest garments for all the exciting milestones of their lives.

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