Bespoke Suits Occasions - The Wedding

Here comes the groom! For your big day, you are surely going to want the one-of-a-kind men's wedding suit, tailored precisely to your own style and taste. At Bespoke Suits we can offer you our ‘fit guarantee’. We never let anyone take a suit home until we are both completely happy with the fit.

For your big day, there really can be nothing better than a suit perfectly tailored just to you. It is all part of the build-up to the happiest day of your life. And why not completely blow everyone away with your style and elegance? The bride will not be the only one having all the attention, after all!

A wedding takes a lot of planning ahead and there could be many along the way. But worrying about your suit will not be one of them. Here is the Bespoke Suits guide to what you can knock their socks off with on your big day.

Our Promise

Our passionate and very experienced tailors will start by developing a design and choosing the cloth for your wedding suit. We will work with your wedding planner to bring all the loose ends together. This is going to be one of the most important suits you ever wear. At Bespoke Suits, our exquisite attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship and will produce a result that you will love.

A wealth of choice

From the subtle and desing understating through to a bolder statement that you want to make for the big day, we will help you to decide what the best fabric and cut will be and we will provide you and your partner with the most friendly place where you will enjoy comfortably planning of the perfect outfit for the perfect day.

Bespoke suits also love to create wedding suits for our gay couples. We will work to creating a harmonious look that will reflect each couple’s unique style. Sometimes our couples choose to wear matching suits, sometimes we use elements, like waistcoats to coordinate or similar cloths that are subtly different. Our tailoring consultants will expertly create your remarkable suits and we will guide you and advise you on the best options you can choose from.

Perfect Timing:

There are endless combinations of styles and fabrics, and other details you can choose from The bste time to come and see our consultants is about three, four months in advance before your wedding day so you will not feel pressured and we make most of the time you have given to us. However, if you find that you are short of time get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Book your appointment at Bespoke Suits London today!

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