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Be a man, A Bespoke Suits Man!

Time to suit up!

There is no doubt that today men have a lot stronger opinions on what they should be wearing than they used to. Customising outfits, from jeans to trainers and from the most elegant of suits to eye-catching accessories, it's all about personalising, wherever possible. So how do you reflect your own unique personality in what you wear? Having a suit custom-made is obviously a way in which your personality and your own personal elegance can be reflected. Here are 10 reasons that we think make getting a custom-made suit makes perfect sense.

  1. Your suit will fit you perfectly
  2. Your tailor will ensure that your suit is timeless and will never date
  3. You will be motivated to keep in shape so that you do not outgrow your suit
  4. Your suit will be exclusive to you
  5. Your suit will benefit from longevity
  6. Your custom-made suit will show everyone your unique style
  7. Your suit will have the influence of your personal choices
  8. You might even look like James Bond!
  9. You will look great on Instagram
  10. A bespoke suit is a great investment

Having a bespoke suit made says a lot about a gentleman who wants to make his way in the world and makes a promise to himself each day, to be the best and that starts with looking his best. We have outfitted many very successful businessmen, artists and professional athletes.

Here at Bespoke Suits London, we also offer a semi-bespoke option that involves fewer fittings and produces a suit in a shorter period of time. However, do not think that the shorter turnaround time means any attention to detail is overlooked, because it never is!

We have a wealth of inspiration for you and your made to measure suit with innovative design etc. But this is only the start of the journey. We have hundreds of cloths that you can select your suit material from and we can tailor your suit in a range of styles from three piece to double breasted.

Once your measurements have been taken, the pattern for your suit will be selected and your tailor will talk through the styling with you. With hundreds of different cloths to select from your new suit will be an excellent reflection of your personality.

Before long you will have a garment that truly reflects your style and makes you truly stand out from the crowd.

Bespoke Suits – maketh the man!

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