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Bespoke Suits Looks at Casual Wear

Whatever the occasion, whether you are travelling or having a casual meal at a local eatery, or perhaps meeting friends down at the pub after dog walk in the countryside, we will always have the perfect style to match the occasion, for you. We have a very extensive range of summer and winter clothing backed up by our design service that produces exquisite casual clothing that has been tailored so that you always feel comfortable in it. While you look a million dollars!

It’s not all about fashion

Dressing well is not always about keeping up with the latest fashions that dictate what we should wear, from season to season. When you have bespoke suits trousers and jackets made for you they will be timeless pieces of elegant clothing that have been made with a nod to things like your skin tone and carefully designed to fit the purpose you need them for.

Post Pandemic Style

the COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things, including work dress codes. Where casual Friday was the highlight of the week, it is now more common to find businesses nominating a bespoke suit day each week. We have had many men come to us wanting a bespoke suit so that they did not jeopardise their work chances, by showing a lack of style. We are pleased to be able to offer them many different fabrics and style choices so that the garments they have are suitable for the occasion that they need them for. We don't just stop at formal wear. We produce many different garments such as car coats and chinos or soft tailored jackets and Oxford shirts for men who are determined to make a good impression. Our range of fabrics has changed too and we have added bamboo to our more traditional ranges of Cashmere and linen, to name but a few.

Not every business will require the very formal tailored look, but whatever you need advice on or whatever situation you find yourself in, we will be able to help with recommendations for what will fit the bill and also show off your unique style, in the process.

Holiday Highlights

Going on holiday does not mean letting go of your unique styling. Indeed, many holidays like cruise holidays, require elegant dress for black tie events. Tell us where you are going on holiday and what you're planning to do and one of our tailors will recommend exactly what items of clothing you're going to need and ensure that you wear them to best effect.

Today's man will always want to have well cut suits that fit well and give them an air of elegance. Even wearing a polo shirt, jeans and a casual jacket to work can be elevated to the ultimate stylish look by having these items tailor made.

We are very proud of our reputation for the most exquisite tailoring and durable fabrics as well as are stylish perfectly fitting bespoke suits and casual made to measure jackets as well as coats. Reach out to Bespoke Suits London today on 02071832372 and start your own Bespoke Suits experience

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