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Bespoke Suits - Women’s wear

Women have long held their own in the world of business, politics, and any other arena you can think of. For our lady customers our well crafted and handmade suits really hit the mark and ensure that they make as good an impression as our gentlemen customers do. Our haute couture background means that we supply custom made clothing for women whether that be wedding gowns, an evening dress, chic day wear or that special ball gown for the once in a lifetime cruise.

Office suits

Choosing what to wear to work, however, can sometimes be a little bit more challenging. The Bespoke Suits London team always believe that our ladies tailored suits need to reflect their personality. One of the favourites with our ladies is a tailored jacket where they can choose the edge surround stitching and even the thread colour. They can choose from different linings, pocket configurations lapels, exclusive cuffs, vents, and buttons. We help our ladies choose whether to have suit or trousers with their jacket, maybe even both.

Every tailored suit that we make is beautifully and meticulously created to the exact size and style that Our Lady customers want. They can wear the suit with pride and confidence knowing that they look the best they can look. We are proud to say that some of our customers are the most influential and powerful women in the country, as well as overseas.

As tailor's, we love to bring a feminine twist to our traditional male tailoring, accentuating the shape of the female form and enhancing the wearer's innate style and elegance.

Creating the perfect suit

To create the perfect bespoke suit it is necessary to take around fifty measurements and also study the movement of the wearer so that the suit can be prepared perfectly. Stance both relaxed and action are also taken into consideration, and you can have as much discussion with your tailor as you want, as your suit comes together

We are very proud of our bespoke ladies tailoring and just like the men they are consulted every step of the way from choosing materials through to any special requests they may have to ensure that the fit is absolutely as they want it to be.

Whatever the occasion, a Bespoke ladies’ suit is the way to go.

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