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Occasions with Bespoke Suits

The glory of the wedding day

Here comes your big day and we assure you, it will be truly memorable! We will work endlessly with you to make sure on this very day, you are comfortable and looking better than ever. We are an established supplier and designer of the finest tailored wedding suits in London for both the man of the day, the groom and of course, his groomsmen. Our highly experienced tailors will develop the design and overseas the cloth selection for your wedding attire. Put us in touch with your wedding planner if you have one, so all of us we create the the perfect result.

The perfect business suits

There is never a second chance to make that first impression and there is no doubt that how you dress will help you with whatever the business you are in. Our extensive experience with the design, in advising gentlemen and producing the appropriate dress wear for them has perfected our craft. The timeless tailored British suit is our main product, cut to classic British lines, and guaranteed to make the right impression.

Elite dinners

Many elite restaurants have a dress code and a bespoke suit is always the safest bet. Without a doubt, a made-to-measure bespoke suit is going to be the best clothing choice for most occasions.

Sporting fixtures

Summer is the time of the year when we can get dressed up casually and head off to all sorts of events. The summer months are the perfect time for polo matches, races, and garden parties and for gentlemen, is there a better time to enjoy yourself when looking sharp on these events?

The formal occasion

Formal wear or a call for formal dress means clothing is suitable for formal social occasions. Choosing dress for a formal event can be daunting, with a dress codes that varies from white tuxedo, black tie, white tie events and morning suits. We will help you by advising just the right choice of suit for any event.

Choosing Tailored Casual Wear

Travelling or just meeting friends for dinner? Or maybe you are just having a chilled day in the countryside Anywhere you go, choose us as your London's bespoke suit maker, so that we can provide you with just the right clothing for any sort of occasion. Choose from our extensive range winter and summer clothes, all with our own unique design will make you comfortable and stylish, wherever you go.

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