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Style and Inspiration with Bespoke Suits

Bespoke Suits Slim Fit Suit

A slim-fit suit is like a body that has been worked on in the gym. All excess has been trimmed and the result is a lean and stylish silhouette with a narrow fit at the waist and chest for an athletic build. It’s a match made in heaven but actually, the slim fit can enhance several different male bespoke styles :

  • Classic Fit Suit
  • Sports Jackets
  • Vent Suit Jacket
  • Half and Full Canvas
  • Modern Fit
  • Blazer
  • Single vs. Double Breasted Suit Jackets
  • Tuxedo
  • Suit

Man about Town

Two or three-piece suits to wear to the office on business days, or for days out when you are the Man about Town are the mainstay of the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. Whether is a double-breasted business suit or an elegant navy chalk stripe suit, a staple grey flannel lounge suit, or something that has a more relaxed feel for an informal dinner, we can create a tailored stylish garment that complements your personality and meets your requirements.

The Country Gent

Bespoke Suits have a proud history of making riding clothes, and clothes for shooting and country pursuits, as well as casual wear like blazers, sports jackets, and tailored weekend trousers. We are recognised for our skill in matching a tweed check perfectly over the body, with our own stylish innovative house designs.

Formal Wear

Need a morning suit for a day at Ascot or a wedding? Maybe you are looking for a dinner jacket for gala events or White Tie for a ball or a banquet. We can advise and suggest the perfect piece for you.

Being Inspired

These are some of the suggestions we might make.

  • The plain Two- Button Suit
  • A dark All-Season Solid
  • Power Style Suits
  • A Peaky Blinder Style Suit
  • The classic Dinner Suit
  • A Patterned Suit

If you could only have one suit in your closet, then an all-purpose suit you could wear to weddings, funerals, job interviews, and everything in-between would be ideal. If this is what you are looking for, then you should think dark charcoal or navy rather than black. Black suits often look a bit stark in bright daylight and would be reserved usually, for use as uniforms for people working as service staff. Our advice is always to keep things simple with a 2-button notch lapel and a fabric that is solid and will add versatility allowing you to pair it with any tie or virtually any shirt

The timeless Navy Blazer

While wearing the traditional Navy blazer is certainly not a substitute for a suit, there are a lot of situations where you can get away with less than a suit. Sometimes, if it is a bit ambiguous, or when you want to take your casualwear look upper notch or two the navy blazer can be your best choice! Try wearing one with your jeans or even your finest Worsted trousers. You could wear a tie, or not, as you prefer. The navy blazer really does allow you versatility and you will never feel overdressed or underdressed. This item of your wardrobe may become your best friend as it takes you from the office to a more formal evening do, effortlessly.

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