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Tailored Tuxedo in London

You can trace some momentous times in history and in 1865 one event would become pivotal to men's tailoring. It was when the Prince of Wales asked his tailor to produce a shorter morning jacket that he could use when he went to evening functions.

From this initial request, dinner suits were born, also sometimes known as tuxedos, or as black tie, and this form of dress has not lost any of its elegance over the years. A simple design that highlights a sharpened silhouette, the job of a formal suit is to be the most elegant clothing in a gentleman's wardrobe. If you were looking for a modern dinner suit or a traditional morning suit it is essential to reach out to professional bespoke suit makers, who will be able to help you with any item of formal wear that you might require.

It is very true to say that not every dinner suit is the same. Imagine a tailored tuxedo in a beautiful midnight blue that has satin lapels and turns heads every time it is worn. This is what we mean by bespoke elegance and style.

Every suit that we make at Bespoke Suits is made with absolute precision and the passion we have nurtured over many years. Our tailors understand the different nuances of various materials and the style requirements of gentlemen. A suit made by us for a gentlemen's formal wear will be the most sophisticated item in his wardrobe. The traditional shape for a dinner jacket is a single-breasted front with a deep V that will enhance the silhouette of the wearer. Because this suit is often worn with the buttons undone, trousers will necessarily be high cut, often covered by a cummerbund or with a waistcoat underneath. A lot, however, is down to the individual’s taste and style of the wearer. A double-breasted jacket is now also accepted as an alternative to the single-breasted jacket usually completed with a traditional 6 buttons although sometimes with four.

Anyone who has been to a formal event will know that the rules etiquette can be a bit of a minefield. Then there is the choice of attire. Should it be a suit, evening tails or a dinner jacket? After, there is a consideration of a Marcela waistcoat or morning suit …. in fact the list of possibilities can be bewildering. When an invitation that states black or white tie arrives it can feel a little bit challenging wracking to have to navigate your way to the correct turn out. Bespoke Suits tailors can give you an advice with selecting the right garb for your evening event and will be able to select with you the most ideal items of clothing. We will be happy to custom make any item of clothing that you need, to elevate your evening event from a mundane gathering to a superb expression of your style and sophistication.

A tuxedo is often seen as the height of formality but even though this is a formal clothing style, you should not be afraid to experiment with fabrics and with different colours. Ask our tailors what they think and you may be surprised to see all the options available to you. Then there is just the final task of accessorising and you are ready to shine Your tailor can help you with that too, because we have the perfect accessories for every occasion that will complement your suit, whatever you choose to wear.

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